How to Choose the Best Fitness Clothing in Canada?
Our fitness clothing must always respond to our need to feel comfortable and must be designed to fit perfectly at all times.
Special Fit, Special Leggings.

What Make Us Special.. Feel the difference and you will understand what really differentiate us from the rest.
What We Have In Store For You (Collection 2)
These are the styles we have create Just for You! Bestyfit and the OW-Fit brand design quality leggings. Thicker feeling to the touch but lightweight to wear.
“Feel the difference"
Function Vs. Performance = 4 Way Stretch
4-way stretch fabric can be found in most activewear products. Your leggings should feel like a second skin for freedom of movement...
Features Vs Performance = Quick Dry

Quick dry support fitness performance. The ability of a pair of leggings to dry quickly depends on the materials and fabrics of which they are made...
What We Have Had In Stored For You (Collection 1)
Exclusive leggings selection of gorgeous premium fabrics for sale in Canada and USA.  Collection No.1
Function Vs Form = Abrasion Resistance
Workout clothes can literally last as long as you want. New High Tech fabrics provide Ultra-durable gear that can resist the after wear and tear from any workout...
Breathable Sports Leggings (Part 2)

Cotton as well as Polyester are both breathable fabrics. The real difference depends on the fabric weight and quality of manufacturing fibers.
Function Vs Form - Moisture-Wicking Tech
Moisture-Wicking Tech and Improved Yoga Posses. What would yoga or perhaps hot yoga be without Moisture-wicking High Tech fabrics?
The Increased Practice Of Yoga And The Need For Leggings
Men and women are in an endless but satisfactory search to find purpose. Feeling comfortable during all possess is important to concentrate in what matters most, your inner growth.
LET’S TALK: Active Lifestyles And Yoga Pants.
Different stages in life call for different active lifestyles. Let’s first say that at almost all times in life, leggings always come in handy. 
Workout Leggings Are Not Just Yoga Pants.
Leggings are usually associated with yoga pants, but most if not all workout stretchy pants can be used for all fitness activities.
My Best Choice For Workout Leggings!

Your workout leggings should not just be the most well-known brand but they should be the best combination of quality, comfort and style. 

RUNWAY TRENDS 2018 – Bold Leggings Becoming a Significant Basic
The current athletic style seem to involve workout leggings for women in a great variety of colors, patterns and edgy art contributions that are being use on any occasion in wild but great combinations.
FITNESS: A Modern Trend Needed For Our Own Health

In a world where fitness is a trend and not a necessity and Instagram is fashion’s influencer, being able to have an active lifestyle..
How to Make Your Leggings Last Longer?

Do you want to know how to take the best care of your workout leggings?.
TEXTILE NEWS: Why A Colombian Supplier?

Innovation, Tech to Boost Colombian Textiles
Colombia Pushes Fabric Innovation to the Fore
Growing Opportunities in the Colombian Textiles and Apparel Industry