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Is 2.22.2022 a Special Day? 

The majority of the population believes in the power of our energy. Most of us are attracted by the hidden essence of the unknown. And most of us are silently obsessed and captivated by these unseen forces that could justify a lot of what happens to us. Still, we rarely understand it or can not really pinpoint that this is the real cause of anything that happens. It is a curiosity based on an idea "with no basis in reality".

People talk about it like an obscure conversation, like an esoteric explanation for many things that happen to our existence.

I am not an expert on the subject. Still, this metaphysical and unknown world does captivate me. Out of personal research and regular conversation with others, it actually seems to dangle in other people's minds as well. 

The unique and peculiar nature of this particular moniker - Feb 22, 2022 (02/22/2022). It is an uncommon designation that we won't be seen again, at least in the short-term, and probably no one alive today. And that is why it is so distinctive and arguable of some type of meaning.

Numerology, Astrology, Spiritualism, Angels and Occult Fields

So let's cut to the chase. And let me give you a little bit of background info. I gathered that the number 2 has great importance in Numerology and astrology as well as in the spiritual realm, Angels or the divine world and the occult field of tarot (we do not intend to debate or question your beliefs or ours in this casual, fun conversation). I described each separately to brainstorm and have more information to tighten all data together. But Numerology and astrology, known popular studies, and the spiritual meaning of numbers and esoteric activities are known to correlate on unrecognized ideologies or philosophies, like Metaphysics.

Tuesday (day 2 of the week), Feb 22, 2022, might not mean anything at all. Still, it awakens curiosity and understanding: could it mean anything or nothing at all? At the end of the day, we, the human race, we're the ones that defined time as it is. How can it be mystical, powerful or relevant at all? 

Well, it is what it is, and with what we have today, I like to believe there is something mighty to it, and I have gathered this info:

In Astrology, the number 2 means: 

  • Union of people and/or concepts,
  • Collaboration, 
  • Cooperation 
  • Diplomacy. 
  • Intuition 
  • Duality (opposites or contrast)

It seems it wants us to see both sides of a situation with objectiveness and neutrality. A duo working together?

In Astrology: 2 is a lucky number. 

Numerology describes Number 2 as:

  • Harmony
  • Sensitivity
  • Acceptance
  • Collaboration
  • Connection
  • Balance

It invites us to learn or work towards harmony, cooperation and balance. 

Spiritual realm number 2 relates to:

  • Partnerships - Team Focus
  • Higher State of mind: Awakening, insights, and revelations
  • Intuition

In the Tarot explanations, it is a symbol of:

  • The understanding of polarity and Opposites
  • Cooperation
  • And a feminine Energy. 

Now I am just trying to put all this information together and amplify these definitions by 6 times. The reduplication of number 2 on this date: 2.22.222 (zero is neutral, no value to account for). 

The predominant message I gathered from all the sources is that number 222 is an invitation to believe, and believing is a message of love. They say that the more, the merrier, and I want to think it is true. The possibility that duplicating 222 can influence what I will love next in my life sounds very much like something I would want to experience. Now, if I believe, then I think it can happen. And if I believe, I can manifest. And then, like that, we have the power of manifestation being of particular attention in this day.

Have you finally decided what you want for your life?

The recommendation is to use this day and make it powerful because it looks like it can be valuable. And if you believe in it, what do you have to lose? Just a moment of fantasy? 

Dream, and dream big. There is nothing wrong with that. "The sequence of the number 2 encourages you to own a harmonious and peaceful attitude." So just be in harmony with your wishes, desires, and what your hidden essence really wants for yourself. Do not shine away from this moment where you can actually confront yourself and see what you really hope for.

So just harness these numbers by:

  • Writing down your intentions
  • Write some sort of positive journey.
  • And meditate on the union of those 2 concepts. 

This is a time for clarity in a moment of opponent thoughts or concepts. Or it can just be a perfect day to recognize how connected you are with your instincts, your intuition, your purpose and your wishes. And what a better moment to manifest than this. 

Here is a little more info that could help you decide if this is a day of significance:

Astrologically, on Feb 22,2022, the planets seem to be positioned favorably in our Cosmos. It is a very intuitive vibration. Jupiter in Pisces is an ideal transit for manifesting your intentions. The Sun energy is also travelling through Pisces, strengthening your wishes with a powerful force. And there is the great Pluto to remind us of Transformation and change. And here is where opposites can hit us very hard since Transformation can be painful and can lead to failure, but it can also mean exponential potential. (duality, remember?)

It seems to be a lucky day with Scorpion and Pisces heightening our sensitivity and intuition. Connect with your feelings and remind yourself you are abundant in everything you can dream of: Love, finance, health, family or career-wise. 

It sounds like 2022 is already a mighty year. Still, it seems to be a year of internal duality where we could be exposed to awakening our minds. I think I want to call it awakening our consciousness. The question is, how many of us are ready for this? Dualities don't come easy to some of us. There is a material mentality and a more profound mentality connected to our actions, behaviors and understanding of the world surrounding us. How ready are we to accept that our materialistic world is not ideal for what really makes us happy? Is the tangible enough to satisfy the purpose of life?

With this short summary of my findings, verifying the specialty of this captivating interpretation of numbers is upheld by our personal beliefs. The belief that the meaning of numbers and our stellar Astros can support our pure existence. So why not plan to take the time to really own your intentions. Declare, decree and claim what you wish for from the point of high consciousness, on a day with so many "twos"

But wait!! How can a leggings blog be related to this topic? There is not a relation at all, hahaha. Just pure passion for what we enjoy. Just a conversation about our interest, health and wellness. did you know there are a large number of people in the health and wellness industry that feel they need to increase their spiritual connection and are looking to grow and obtained higher consciousness? Many people are in a lifelong search to be healthy in the physical, mental and spiritual level. We can all connect in many ways and more than a fantastic pair of leggings. So for the sake of curiosity, I used this space to just a have a  fun and "small talk" about what you and I consider can have a meaningful impact on this date or perhaps the future. 

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