Our Brand

Bestyfit, an E-Boutique, was created by Caro to make it easier for people to find new and unique activewear and swimwear that combine timeless, fun, contemporary, and fashionable styles, making them comfortable and attractive. Caro is dedicated to ensuring that all the items she offers are of the highest quality and she tirelessly searches for unique pieces that bring happiness and excitement to everyone's wardrobe.

Bestyfit Business Owner

Superior quality and variety of style are Bestyfit's best-kept secret. We are committed to selling products from brands with a strong focus on quality. We work with these brands to ensure continuous technological improvement and product design to keep women's styles fun and modern.

In general, Women aspire to feel and look attractive, sexy, and comfortable simultaneously. How we dress is a powerful form of self-expression and one tool that can help us build confidence and self-acceptance.

Bestyfit believes fashion can be chic and vogue, sexy and classic, modern and sophisticated, and mainly fun. Timeless pieces and designs that can be used for many and any occasion. It is your choice, your style.

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Our Products

Our hand-picked products are vibrant designs with a comfortable and fun fit. The perfect combination of trendy designs and cutting-edge technology (quality) makes our pieces ideal for an active day or a chic night. We offer unique pieces to enjoy a nice beach day, a high-impact training, or just a nice couch day. All those fun fashionable moments in one E-Store.

We offer lightweight compression leggings and sportswear, stunning swimwear, and fashionable beachwear. Our products are exclusively made with cutting-edge technology and unique cool designs allowing for functionality, versatility, and comfort.
They are made in Colombia, where the fashion industry has been of significant interest worldwide. The textile industry is globally recognized for its innovative and high-quality manufacturing.

Our Philosophy

Bestyfit is fully committed to assisting women in achieving a state of well-being, self-assurance, autonomy,
and motivation. Our mission is to encourage self-acceptance and empower women to adopt a healthy and dynamic lifestyle while maintaining their distinctive sense of style. We firmly believe that when your attire evokes inspiration, it fosters a sense of confidence, allowing women to radiate beauty through their individuality.



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What is your Style?

Chic, vogue, sexy, classic, modern or sophisticated