Can Your Leggings Last Longer?

Can Your Leggings Last Longer?

Can you imagine living without your favourite pair of Jeans, or your favourite pair of leggings? Are you the type of person that uses your leggings constantly, if you could almost daily? or Are you the type that doesn't use them much because you don't want them to lose appearance? Whatever you answer, it is all about making them last longer. Well, guess what? knowing how to care for your workout leggings is always an important factor. 

this article by  Jess Edwards will give you some good advice that to follow.

Here is the best tip you can ever find out there "Wash When Necessary", of course, the less you washed them the more they last, just make sure you do wash them when necessary.

Important Care Tips:

  • It is true, do not used Fabric Softener
  • Turn them Upside Down when washing on the Washing Machine
  • Avoid tumbe dryer, and leave them to dry flat in the air with no direct sunlight

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    Excellent post and am glad to read about the Leggings.

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