Function Vs Form - Moisture-Wicking Tech

Function Vs Form - Moisture-Wicking Tech

Function Vs Form - Moisture-Wicking Tech and Improved Yoga Posses

The Yoga generation has brought a lot of new trends to our fitness programs and our lifestyles in general. We are becoming more conscious about our health, which has brought us to the conclusion that to make it a habit, we need to find an activity or a few activities that keep us motivated whatever the goal is. More people of all ages are becoming more interested in exercising and finding their fitness niche. Yoga not only has brought a multitude of different boutique studios, but it has created a generation of active enthusiasts. Fortunately for most women, this has also come with an extra reason to go shopping and enhance their wardrobe. Because having too many leggings is not a thing.

Athletic Leggings

That being said, let's discussed the importance of your fashion when you are shopping for your athletic clothes. There are a few exceptions, but most fitness activities and sports need to have similar functionalities. The features explain in the next blogs are not for workout leggings or sports bras, they have become the general rule for sportswear, from men or women of all ages.

Moisture-Wicking Tech

What would yoga or perhaps hot yoga be without Moisture-wicking High Tech fabrics? Well, it might have been other modalities such as running that impulse the technology to be developed, but this feature has now become standard in yoga apparel, specifically tops and athletic leggings. It's perfect for an intense Bikram class or an outdoor boot camp class.

Sweat stains, wet spots, extra perspiration are just some of the uncomfortable consequences of our committed exercise routines. Moisture-Wicking tech addresses this problem. This is “the action of drawing moisture away from the skin in order to keep the skin dry and comfortable to optimize performance”*

So let’s be clear with some key differences between what makes great athletic clothes and your typical, t-shirt: tech fabrics are generally made out of synthetic material and have tons of features specific for movement. T-Shirts are typically made out of cotton and get heavy wet.

So wicking actually has its science, there is some physics involved here. Sports Fabrics are treated with wicking components, and the knit of fine synthetic fibres (Such as polyester) creates a vessel to increase the surface area. This canal spreads the highly concentrated areas of moisture to lower concentrated areas in order to increase the rate of evaporation away from the fabric. while these fabrics are not waterproof, they channel water along the fibres providing dryer fit tech.

yogathon yoga leggings

How does Moisture-Wicking improve Yoga Posses

Well, let's say it starts with you feeling more comfortable and dry. No wet spots especially during those very intense poses in a class where everyone is so close together. You can concentrate on what is important, your pose. One of the beauties of yoga practice is that you can do tons of variations to fit your level of experience and your level of comfort. Working hard to improve your poses needs to be supported by little things like your apparel. It is not only the spots and the stains but what about the idea of feeling wet and sweaty? All these little problems that are part of our new healthy lifestyles are what moisture-wicking fabrics help you with so you can concentrate in your pose.

…TO BE CONTINUE in our next blog about the most important functions that yoga leggings should cover- BREATHABLE FABRIC

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