How to Wash Workout Leggings? | Proper Care

How to Wash Workout Leggings? | Proper Care

Do you know that gratifying feeling when you find a pair of leggings that you can't wait to wear? It is an exciting tickling sensation overpowered by anxiety. An anxiety caused by the idea that your new leggings could look worn out after the first wash. 

This is an uncertainty that hounds us all. There's a high number of low-quality leggings meant to last for a very short term.

Two of the most popular questions we get as a leggings business at Bestyfit 

  • How do I wash my leggings? 

  • How do I keep the prints and colours vivid? 

Most customers choose our high-waist leggings for their eye-catching prints and excellent quality. We specialize in making high-grade, high-performance printed leggings for women. We are thrilled to provide something valuable, fun and exciting to women looking for unique styles. It is fascinating the continuous improvement of our production process. And it is not surprising that most of us would love to preserve this unique piece for a long time.

how to wash your leggings?

How to Wash Workout leggings?

Do not make leggings care more complicated than you need to. You don't need to change your habits. Use the same common sense you use with your other clothing. Just remember they are not sturdy, and yes, they are machine washable.

6 Easy Steps to wash your compression leggings:

  1. Turn your pair of leggings inside-out, 
  2. If you separate your loads based on colours, wash only with alike-colour loads. Dark with darks, and light colours with lights.
  3. If you split your loads by type of fabrics and colors, wash with more gentle fabrics of similar colors. (Avoid sturdy fabrics)
  4. Remember, make it easy; use your preferred liquid detergent, but make sure it has no softener.
  5. Machine wash in Coldwater and preferable in a gentle cycle or Normal.
  6. Hang to dry or let it Air Dry

4 things to AVOID:

  1. Avoid washing with sturdy fabrics such as jeans, towels or any other heavy-duty fabrics
  2. Skip softener
  3. Do not Tumble-Dry
  4. Avoid leaving them on the washer for long periods, and do not hang them on a humite small enclosed area. 

Your Cute Workout Leggings Can Last You for Ages

Wash Inside-Out

Remember those clever grandmas' hints? They also apply to workout leggings, faux-leather pants, yoga pants, jeans, leather or smart-casual pants. Turning your pants inside-out helps preserve the colour. It prevents the outer finish from wearing out faster. The direct contact and harsh friction of the washer machine quickly deteriorate garments. It also decreases the possibility of sticking lint balls from other shedding fabrics.

how to properly wash leggings?

Separate Your Loads Based on Colors and Fabrics Composition:

The truth is we need things that can make our lives simple and easy. And our new leggings shouldn't complicate this, so don't make it complicated. Use your common sense to wash your leggings as you do with all your other clothing. Separate your loads based on colour and textile sturdiness. Avoid washing your yoga pants and athletic clothing with jeans, towels, or other sturdy fabrics to limit texture scrape. It is good to know that Cotton and Wool can cause a lint ball headache.

What about Printed leggings? 

Most printed leggings are made with Polyester and Spandex. the colour shouldn't wash off or discolour. It is vital to buy high-quality funky gym leggings to avoid discoloration. the easiest way to figure out what colour load to wash your printed leggings with is to check the inside of the pant and wash with like colours. If it is a white or light colour, then wash with like colours and if it has a dark inside, then wash with dark colours. Easy, right?

will leggings shrink in the dryer?

Detergent, Softener and Bleach

Stay away from fabric Softener. Softeners add a silky coat that damages Spandex's stretchy benefits. Softener will also decrease the moisture-wicking benefit of any activewear. It silks the fibres, reducing the fabric's capacity to properly adhere to the body. This causes the thighs to slide down, becoming less capable of sticking to the body like a second skin. Once again, when it comes to detergent, do not get complicated. Use your regular liquid detergent that has no softener. Detergent that is not liquid tends to leave residuals in synthetic fabrics. Lastly, bleach, as softeners, is not an option.

Machine Wash in Coldwater and Preferable in a Gentle Cycle or Normal

Gentle cycle and cold wash preserve the fibres' shape, colour, and elasticity. Like most gentle clothing, heat deteriorates the fibres, so stick to cold water. Keep a Gentle or Normal cycle to minimize excessive scuff and prevent the elongation caused by the cycle's high speed.

Can Your Workout Pants Go in the Dryer?

Avoid the dryer at all costs. Heat weakens activewear fabrics, especially the elasticity components: Elastano, Lycra or Spandex. By damaging the elastic fibres, It changes the garment's shape rapidly. It also helps reduce colour saturation, fading the colour faster. Even if your leggings description allows Tumble-Dry, do yourself a favour and avoid it.

Textiles containing Spandex will wear out quickly when tumble-dried. So, hang to dry or air dry. Avoid leaving your clothes in your gym bag, washer or small enclosed area to dry. Sportswear can attract a stinky, moist smell in small humid areas if left wet.

Can Your Leggings Shrink or Stretch Out in the Dryer?

This is all about your leggings description; it depends on your legging's quality. To keep your compression leggings lasting longer and in good condition, the quality of the raw materials is essential. High-grade Polyester and Nylon shouldn't shrink or elongate in the dryer. Cotton, wool, and rayon easily degrade with heat, shrinking or stretching more quickly. Several well-known "best athletic leggings" are made of Cotton, which is rapidly damaged by friction. Although Cotton is a top-performing fabric, it has significant pitfalls. With friction, it produces lint balls or pills showing deterioration. They probably already appear worn out after the first wash.

Other essential factors that affect your athletic leggings lifespan are:

  • The lack of good quality ink used for printing,
  • The quality of the manufacturing process,
  • Good ink saturation on high-grade fabrics such as the combination Polyester and Spandex.

So stick to your routine wash as many times as you need to. Do not stress about washing your most worn and comfortable piece cause it is not a complicated task. Just remember, leggings are part of your gentle cycle load, and softener and tumble dry are a no-noThus, they will last for a long time; most likely, you will tire of them before they look worn out and will want to have cute workout leggings.

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