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How Should Workout Leggings Fit?

Humm, let us start by saying this is our specialty at Betsyfit, our advanced fit.

 "Feel the difference," you know when you are at a retail store and walking through the isles, your hand is just wondering, feeling the texture of the clothes you are passing by? Then, there is that one piece that your eye might have missed, but your hands did not. You stop, and then you can only wonder what felt so good, something just felt right, thick yet lightweight, buttery soft, and still, it felt like an unprecedented quality? That is the response we get every time clients feel the difference. 

As with any garment, we understand the need to know how to wear some apparel and workout leggings are not different. Is there a science to it? Actually, yes, there is.

Workout Leggings Fit:

Now, let's make one thing clear, As long as you are active, your body will thank you later, and your brain functionality will thank you now. Keeping your body moving should not be affected by your outfit decision. But there is a rationale about wearing the right fitness gear to improve performance and better quality results.

We have two fundamental approaches to explain how workout leggings should fit.

  • The Emotional Approach & 
  • The Technical Approach

The Emotional Approach:

A good Compression Fit and body-hugging fit provides a snuggle effect that supports muscles and Fat. When our bodies compress, we can target muscles easier and have a better workout creating a more comfortable approach to exercise. Many fitness enthusiasts or active people don't exercise for passion but movement and health. This could quickly drive them away from wanting to understand in detail the technicality of the compression fit. Many are not looking to achieve better results in a workout, but just to accomplish the need to have an active lifestyle. In summary, Workout leggings should fit like a second skin. It should provide freedom of movement with compression support. It needs to be ultra-comfortable at all times with a pleasant contraction sensation. Compression leggings and fit technology have proven to be better during our fitness routine, and they also shape the female body, defining women's curves a little more. With the proper compression workout wear, women can reduce cellulite visibility or other body problems that lower many women's self-esteem.

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The Technical approach to Leggings Fit:

Our workout leggings should be made with materials that allow for efficiency and support. The Sportswear industry has invested vastly to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts garments that will help the anatomy of our bodies achieve better results or exceed personal expectations. As a result, it would be most beneficial if the leggings descriptions include at least these main features:

Athletes across different sports wear athletic tights for various reasons. The snugger fit or Compression approach increases blood circulation to the muscles helping performance. In most sports, from cycling to weights lifting, wearing compression technologies helps reduce air drag and gain aero-dynamism.  

Compression Fit also holds muscles in place, creating stability in the body and allowing the body to concentrate the efforts on the muscles being targeted. Think Rope Jumping: when you are wearing a tighter compression fabric instead of the loose garment, the movement of your body will focus on keeping a balanced jump instead of allowing the body to jump freely without restriction; in most cases, this creates a heavier impact in the joints and encourage improper form affecting knees, feet, legs or other parts of the body. 

Moisture-Wicking and Breathability technology addresses problems such as skin bacteria and Fungis due to sweat and moisture produced by our bodies when we exercise. Moisture-wicking draws moisture away from the skin to keep the skin dry. So technically, Sports Fabrics are treated with wicking components creating a vessel that spreads highly concentrated areas of moisture to lower concentrated areas in order to increase the rate of evaporation away from the fabric. Then with the ability of those fibres for air circulation (High-Tech Breathable), the Dry-Fit technology with greater support the process by evaporating faster for a dryer and bacteria-free skin. So having fitted workout leggings with compression technology is better than a loose garment since these technologies help you avoid problems associated with sweat that other clothes do not address.

Other qualities to highlight are wearing lightweight fitness clothes with 4-way stretch capabilities. Lightweight workout leggings for women support movements by eliminating extra weight that could impair or limit our body movement, performance, or results by not exhausting our muscles. Think of it as a kind of airy weave, a base layer that doesn't increase weight and adjust to our bodies like a second skin. The ability of this lightweight fabric to create elasticity from all angles or in both directions crosswise and lengthwise facilitates Freedom of Movement.

We have learned quite a bit about sportswear's proper fit through trial and error. Check out these workout Leggings we available for you at Bestyfit; to see not only amazing quality and functionality but also activewear fashion that can be worn to practice most sports or even for just a comfortable casual setting.

Let us finish by saying our specialty and advanced fit comes from:

  1. We use the latest compression in Sportswear fabrics available in the market. Thick to the touch but lightweight on the body.
  2. We innovate with High-tech breathable fabrics and performance
  3. Our advance fabric enhance any workout.
  4. We use a comfortable elastic in the back of the waistband for stability.
  5. We use anatomical design for a better fit.
  6. All our Ink products are environmentally friendly.
  7. The most advanced 4-way stretch technology allows our product to fit like a second skin and provides freedom of movement
  • Bright Colors That Do Not Fade At Wash
  • High Tech Fabric With UV Filter
  • Anti Sliding Comfortable High-Waistband with an amazing Tuck-in sensation

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