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How are Yoga Pants Made?

In the last series of Yoga Pants Blogs, we have used our long trial and error experience as producers and distributors of workout leggings to help you in your search for the best Yoga pants:

 4-Way Stretch and Freedom of Movement.

4-way stretchy fabric can be found in most activewear products; however, not all products are made with the same quality to avoid see-through or mobility limitations. The foundation fabric used in Bestyfit Leggings is of the highest quality in the market. These leggings have a thicker feel to the touch, but the quality of the material has a lighter feel when worn.

4 way stretch                             

But what is 4-Way Stretch Fabric?

The ability of a fabric to stretch from all angles or in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise, is the result of a 4-way stretch fabric. This elasticity is meant to facilitate freedom of movement, allowing you to move freely, like a second skin. The best-known fabric with this feature is spandex used to manufacture high-tech sportswear. Both a 2-way and a 4-way will stretch diagonally, like a woven. But 2-way stretching moves either crosswise OR lengthwise. 

Companies such as Bestyfit believe that the fitness clothing that women and men wear when exercising should allow for flowless movements and remain in place at all times. Using the highest quality fabrics ensures athletic leggings stay in place when exercising and sweating while providing comfort and peace of mind. However, finding good quality leggings that are printed and gorgeous is not an easy task.


You can find a range of fun and amazing printed athletic leggings produced with technical fabrics that behave and respond perfectly to your movement. Leggings such as these prints from the Bestyfit collection provide not only the 4-way stretching that you look for, but they feel like a comfortable compression fit, making your body feel tucked-in at all times. Great quality 4-way stretchy fabrics can support, define and shape the lower body to ease some trouble areas:

    • Hips 
    • Buttocks - The bottom is lifted and beautifully sculpted
    • Inner Thighs
    • Outer Thighs

Typically, The range of motion in stretchy material supports the joints when flexing or bending, lunging or squatting. This happens because the fabric elasticity provides sufficient expansion away from the junctions and provides better comfort to your body. It is also commonly known that good-quality multi-directional stretch materials will also feel softer in texture.

bestyfit leggings

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