Where are Our Leggings Made?

Where are Our Leggings Made?

Constantly we are questioned with surprising responses towards our legging's fabric and fit. We get complimented all the time and asked about the origins of our production processes and suppliers. And we are not surprised; they are different. From your constant feedback, we got our slogan, "Feel the Difference."

Bestyfit and our leading Colombian leggings supplier made it our mission to improve the 'One Size' approach. We have improved this piece with our customer's feedback and made it a complete package: worth, outstanding quality and a comfortable piece.

We will explain the One Size fit in another Blog, but our approach to improving this fit has been the cornerstone of the increasing demand for our leggings.


All our products are made in Colombia, with only the best fabrics produced in Colombia and the USA. After many trials and errors and working with our fabric supplier in Colombia, we could tweak the fabric components to use the best quality Elastane and Polyester. We looked to print on our authentic fabric with the highest-quality threats and got a product with a perfectly adjustable fit. Our Leggings are printed and manufactured in-house by our main leggings brand. We want our colours to be very vivid in every body size. Eco-friendly ink is used in a vast amount to make sure the colours are vivid. As "One Size" leggings are our strength and mission, we don't limit our ink consumption or processes to avoid extra cost. We go big. 

To obtain nice colourful prints, it is essential to use High-performance fabrics that allow for the art of adding patterns and designs to fabric. As a result, we came up with a great combination of high-quality Elastano and Polyester.

Why do we use Colombia Manufacturers for all our products, from Leggings to Swimsuits and Loungewear?

In the good sense of the word, there is nothing better than getting close and personal with your manufacturers. Our Colombian manufacturer's passion and hard work take our breath away. They all produce innovative and quality products to provide a piece that is worth and you will love to wear. 

What it means to get a Colombian made product, Such as Leggings or Swimsuits:

  • Excellent Quality
  • Innovative styles and fabrics.
  • Descent prices that can be extended to our end users
  • Use of New and advanced technologies for the production of garments
  • Fun designs
  • Sexy and/or beautiful unique styles
  • Extra Quality Compression that supports a slimmer body figure.
  • Products made with dedication, love, hard work and lots of passion.

Well, here are other fun facts:

Did you know that Colombia is one of the significant exporters of manufactured products to the USA? Brands such as Victoria's Secret, Levi & Strauss Co., Nautica, Inditex, Eddie Bauer, Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, and many other very recognizable brands have manufacturing facilities in Colombia. They take advantage of the outstanding quality, the country's innovation aptitude, and the substantial level of expertise rising fiercely over the last decades. "International brands looked to Colombia, almost exclusively for garment assembly," says Proexport president.* 

Colombia has grown to be recognized as a major leader in innovation and outstanding quality of raw materials and finished goods in the textile industry. Some fundamental advances made are: "natural and elastic fibre fabrics such as antibacterial coffee-based fabrics, sun protection t-shirts, textiles with vitamin E and slimming capsules, anti-humidity shape-wear or body-shaping swimwear." *

Due to the country's population's attention on fashion, beauty and style, the country's manufacturing process and need to supply the country's demand for high quality at an affordable price have made the development of the textile and fashion industry more exciting and innovative. The increased demand for high-performance Sportswear and Swimwear items created an excellent opportunity for improvement. These goods have seen increased popularity worldwide due to the quality and uniqueness representing the country's colourful, fun, and passion for beauty and style.  

Distributing Colombian Made Leggings, Swimsuits and Loungewear has been remarkably positive and undeniable inspiring. We at Bestyfit, as a Candian Brand, focus on differentiating from the rest. We want to provide what we all look for; nothing better than the highest quality product at a reasonable price with a great innovative twist.

Where Are the Most Popular Leggings Made?

Gladly worldwide leggings production has evolved to provide better pants, and the industry keeps showing signs of improvement. New advanced technologies, the development of new fabrics, and the increased possibilities of accessing worldwide labour and expertise are taking the main stage.

Did you know that most popular Leggings brands produce their tights in the same countries? We want to say that most popular brands make good to high-quality leggings and that should be why they are so popular.  

Large popular leggings brands tend to have their main operation in their country of establishment, the most popular country seems to be the USA, but their production process comes from all over the world. Manufacturing happens in a few countries, and fabric supplies come from other countries. This pattern happens because fabrics manufacturers make their products using threats from different places in the world. So a pair of leggings you buy that says made in USA is made with supplies made in China or somewhere else or vice versa. 

Did you know that Asian countries are the most popular places for big brands to make leggings? Mainly China, followed by a small percentage made in the USA. China is also the main exported of Lycra (or Elastane/Spandex) and Nylon fabric that almost all the major Sportswear manufacturers use. And San Francisco is the leading imported city in the USA of Lycra fabric from China. 

World Map

In General; the 2 most common countries to manufacture are:

  • China: Lululemon, Gymshark, Aerie, Nike, Under Armour, Addidas
  • USA: Flabetics, Lularoe, Athleta

The leading Suppliers of fabrics and raw materials for known popular brands:

  • China: Lululemon, Gymshark, Lularoe, Flabetics, Nike, Athleta, Aerie
  • USA: Flabetics, Gymshark
  • Taiwan: Lululemon's main fabric Luon (Cotton-Like)
  • Colombia: Niyamisol, carbon28, Fiber, Under Armour, Nike, Addidas, OWfit
  • All around the world: Nike (41+ countries), Under Armour (18+ countries), Flabetics, Lularoe, Aerie. Addidas 

The favorite combination of materials are:

  • Lycra, Nylon and Luon (Cotton-like) : Lululemon
  • Nylon and Elastane: Gymshark, Flabetics make their Nylon
  • Lycra and Nylon: Athleta 
  • Spandex and Nylon OR Polyester and Elastane: Lularoe, Nike that in some cases use infinalon. Nike bast variety of leggings combines different materials for all its different leggings. 

There is no doubt that Sports Leggings or what we also commonly call tights or athleisurewear have been around for quite some time. They have improved drastically through the years, and they are widely known for being one of the most comfortable clothing pieces. 

How much does it matter where leggings are made? 

In Summary, it is good to know where our leggings are made. However, not all leggings are the same; the different compositions, the quality of the threats, standardized processes, dedication, and capacity to produce high quality are not only based on the country of production. We manufacture and bring Colombian-made leggings and other products for their fantastic response to create beautiful, high quality and unique pieces that can only keep getting better.

Colombian Textile Industry News: * Innovation, Tech to Boost Colombian Textiles , Growing opportunities in the Colombian textiles and apparel industry



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