How should leggings fit?

How Should Leggings Fit?

Getting that new pair of leggings tends to leave our minds overrun with questions about how leggings should fit. However, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed by this exciting shopping spread. The answer can be relatively simple based on your preferences and the activities you plan to wear them for. A few factors can help you decide the best fit.

After long conversations with our amazing customers, we are aware that a straight right or wrong answer would be unrealistic because leggings fitting is a somewhat personal experience. But knowing the benefits of compression fit could help make the decision-making easier.

We live in an era of comfort, style and freedom of movement. We have grown fans of the athleisure style and the need to always be ready and be on the go. Our busy lifestyles have made us more practical about our style options. This is how leggings have become such a popular item.  

1. Quality, Quality, Quality

First and most importantly: High-quality leggings are a no-brainer. Look for high quality, pay for high quality, and you will have no regrets. By the way, high quality doesn't have to break your bank account. But low quality is the root of most fitting problems.  

How Tight Should Leggings Fit?

2. How Tight Should Leggings Fit?

Leggings should have a comfortable but strong compression, especially if you plan to wear them on a fitness routine or just a day out with a nice flattering look. 

Tight feels good if we choose the right fabrics and quality. Tight doesn't have to mean constraining; it can mean comfortable, buttery-soft snug fit. The elasticity component in leggings must have the ability to adjust perfectly to your body figure to support free movement. Compression can be substantial and still comfy as long as you have quality threads or materials. Tight leggings should fit like a second skin. They should fit like a glove. 

Compression For Fitness Activities:

Tight athletic leggings or compression leggings provide tremendous benefits when worn for any level of sports or fitness routines. Athletes have demonstrated the importance of this component on performance and comfort.

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Helps muscle recovery
  • Overall improvement in performance
  • As an added benefit, it allows our body to move freely with support and control.

 Compression For a Flattering Look: 

The Athleisure style keeps "taking the world by storm." We are looking for easy-to-wear, comfortable and suitable for any occasion styles to fit our busy schedules. Compression leggings are the answer to our problems. 

But Which leggings are most flattering?

For a flattering look, compression leggings are the bomb. A flattering appearance could be just a gentle but controlled compression on our body curves. The build and elasticity of the leggings make sure the body adapts precisely as needed to define our body shape. Resulting in a flattering body figure like our most popular Faux-Leather Leggings.

Let us empathize that the quality of compression leggings should not be traded off for price or for branding. Good compression leggings shouldn't lose compression with wear, sweat, or washes. It should be durable and always keep its elastic stability and shape. 

3. Are My Leggings too Tight? Should They Be this Difficult to Slide On?

Don't let the first impression impair judgment; sometimes, it only takes a few more seconds to make the best decision. There are good leggings that could be more challenging to slide on. There are others where the compression doesn't really snuggle firmly to shape and define the body. For better support and a flattering look, try something that will really pick up, compress and hold the body steadily during an entire day. Quality will reassure you that these leggings will fit comfortably and softly. In order to achieve that nice compressed body, leggings must adapt and conform to the body's curves. Some leggings are tighter to throw on, but the final result is usually positively unexpected, as long as you stay within your size.

4. When do leggings go wrong?

Low quality

Most leggings go wrong when they are made of LOW QUALITY. This is the root of most problems. They can also go wrong if they are too small or too large for your body shape. We won't get tired of reiterating this key recommendation; do not compromise quality for anything else. See-through is a real thing. It can happen with many popular options out there, and it can also occur with different and popular materials. 

The quality of the material is the solution to the main problems. Weightless, thin materials with a low compression fit and the wrong sizes are usually the source of this problem. One factor that helps differentiate good quality from poor is the thickness of the material the leggings are composed of. Smooth and comfortable snugs can be found on thicker lightweight leggings. Read the leggings description very carefully if you want to avoid regrets.

In a more technical and boring explanation: The thickness of the fabrics is measured by the weight of its threads. This info is not usually mentioned in the legging product descriptions. But, the higher the weight, the higher the concentration of the thread and its quality. The same polyester and spandex mix can be found in 2 different lightweight pants. Still, the quality of its threads can easily be felt by the thickness of its fabric. 

Size Matter

The size of your leggings plays a significant role. Find something that really fits your size. There is no one size fits all, but one size can fit many if it is made with high-end quality. However, if you are not within that size measurements, do not give yourself a headache and level up a size. Accepting your actual body size is imperative to a comfortable and beautiful fit and for your compression leggings to not go wrong. 

Yoga pants usually roll down at the waist when they fit small. They also roll down when they are too silky and have little compression. Softeners damage the elastic fabric making it silky. Avoid the dryer and softeners at all costs. 

Do not be deceived by the length of a pair of leggings on a hanger. Most good-quality compression leggings will look particularly small. But allow yourself the right of doubt, maybe try them and test the elasticity. Most companies that stand behind their high-quality products have tested the elasticity of their pants to fit their adjustable sizes. So remember, compression leggings adjust to your body as long as your size is within the size's boundaries. 

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