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What are the Best Yoga Pants to Buy?

In Our previous yoga Pants Blog, we have started a conversation that answers most people's questions on how to choose our Yoga pants.

We defined the main characteristics all Sportswear should have:

The best Yoga pants to buy are made with sports fabrics well known for all the benefits and different features they offer when exercising. How cool your body feels with your athletic wear is one of those variables that should be addressed when searching for the best sports clothes. We can happily say, breathable fabrics are found in the most common type of activewear, such as cotton or Polyester.

There is a misconception about what fabrics are or are not breathable and if air circulates through the fibres. To clarify, cotton, as well as Polyester are both breathable fabrics. The real difference depends on the fabric weight, how the fibres have been twisted when produced, and the quality of these fibres.

Each fabric has its pros and cons that are more or less acceptable by individual preferences. However, As we all know, having enough leggings is never a thing; having a variety that actually improves our performance and motivates us to keep an active lifestyle is of greater desire.

That being said, we can agree that 200 grams of cotton legging could be more breathable than 200 grams of polyester legging made with the exact same weight and quality fibres. So the cotton leggings allow for greater airflow for dampness, although we are not implying that Polyester doesn't. However, considering that moisture normally absorbs and soaks into cotton, it easily gives a visibly sweaty spot on the garment during a workout session. So it all comes to the main deciding factor, your individual preferences.

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Why Breathable Fabric Technology is an essential feature for Workout Leggings?

By definition, breathable fabrics for Sportswear: "is the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapour to be transmitted through the material" it allows "air to pass through it." As a result, an essential factor to point out here is that moisture and breathability go hand-to-hand.

A few interesting facts are taking place in the apparel fitness industry. The new High Tech fibres and manufacturing processes have greatly evolved. You can find Athletic leggings with heavier weighted Polyester, feeling thicker to the touch. Still, when you wear them, they adjust to the body and support it as a light weighted fabric, allowing air to flow as easily.

These significant advances in technology make our choices for fitness apparel broader and remove the limitations of owing only one quality style or brand. Now, you have at your fingertips a large variety of high-quality fitness apparel at diverse price points, styles and brands.

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But how does all of this breathable feature related to your workout or yoga sessions?

Will you sweat more or less with these new high-tech polyester fabrics?. Well, having a breathable fabric will keep you cooler, sweat-free, spot-free, and your body temperature in better conditions. As the material is lighter weight on the skin and moisture is wicked away by the same technology, the body cools faster than other fabrics allowing for better support.

Feeling comfortable with your yoga leggings through your fitness routine and allowing you to improve your level of intensity in each pose is the ultimate attribute that a great activewear brand should aim to offer. Whether in a hot yoga class, hatha yoga, restorative yoga, or Ashtanga yoga, your level of improvement should be only limited to your limiting beliefs instead of your sports clothing. Your Fitness clothing should actually provide you with more reason to keep trying and keep active. Try workout apparel that goes with your style, those that make you happy, ready and confident of yourself.  

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