Tips to Make Leggings Last Longer

How to Make Your Leggings Last Longer?

Do You feel that urge to make your favorite pair of leggings last longer? Are you the type of person that wears your leggings endlessly, if you could, daily? Or are you the one that doesn't use them as much because you don't want them to lose appearance? Anyhow, it is all about making your leggings last longer.

Knowing the quality of your leggings is a key fact and how to care for your workout pants is always an important factor. We have been in the legging realm for quite some time. All these years, from experience and feedback, we have been able to gather best practices for you.

Pro Tips to Make Your Leggings Last

Leggings are made to be used often, they are comfortable, versatile and need to fit perfectly. They should fit like a second skin making them a little more predisposed to bacteria. And based on our experience you don’t need to feel like you can’t wash your clothes when you like. This is where quality plays the most important role.

Purchase Only Quality Leggings:

Understanding that it is important to invest in quality legging will make a huge difference. Leggings are a combination of Spandex, Polyester, Nylon or other similar fabric. These fabrics have different caliber and quality. Not all spandex are the same. For your leggings to last longer we must understand that your leggings superiority will make this possible.

It is possible to wash a pair of yoga pants more often and still keep its technical qualities if your fitness clothing is superior made with advanced technologies and fabrics

how to wash my leggings

How to Properly Care and Wash Your Leggings to Last Longer

After revising some of the tips out there, we realized that there is a mistaken belief about how to care for your leggings: The most common tip you find out there refers to "Wash When Necessary"

Important care tips that are better to follow

  how to care for your leggings  wash leggings  wash your activewear upside down

  • It is true, do not use Fabric Softener.
  • Wash with similar colors.
  • Turn your fitness clothing Upside Down when washing on the Washing Machine, it helps to reduce discoloration as well as scuff or scrape with other heavier fabric you are washing with.
  • Avoid tumble dryer, dry flat in the air with no direct sunlight. As with any activewear clothing and material that uses spandex, the spandex and compression last longer.
  • You can wash it with other similar fabrics, but if possible avoid jeans, towels and fabrics that are heavier and can damage the textile performance.
  • As any textile the less you wash your clothes the longer it last, no doubt, But is it that what you like to do? Do you want to buy a shirt and never change it, or use it? Use it wash it and enjoy it. The best quality will last And then get another one as cool as fun as nice and new.

    If you understand these steps your leggings will:

    • Keep all the goodies and benefits a good quality workout legging has, such as compression and body-hugging capabilities or 4-way stretch, abrasion resistance, quick dry or breathability between others
    • Stay true to its colours and vivid prints for a very long time

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